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Summer 2017 New AICPA Independence Rule on Hosting Services

Spring 2017 Managing Conflicts of Interest in Public Accounting

Winter 2017 Professional Skepticism: A Search for Answers

Fall 2016 Raising the Ethics Bar: The Accountant's Responsibility for Addressing Noncompliance with Laws and Regulations

Summer 2016 When Business Relationships Impair Your Firm's Independence 

Spring 2016 Helping Attest Clients Implement New Accounting Standards

Fall 2015 EU Audit and Independence Reform--Things to Know and Consider

Fall 2011 GAO Adopts New Independence Standards
Summer 2011 Commonly-Encountered Ethics Issues: Maintaining Objectivity
Spring 2011 Impact of Proposed AICPA Ethics Rules on CPA Firms
Winter 2011 SEC and PCAOB Speakers at AICPA Conference Urge the Profession: Step Up to the Plate

Fall 2010 GAO Proposes Conceptual Approach to Independence
Summer 2010 AICPA Answers the Question : When is an Association of CPA Firms a “Network” Subject to Additional Independence Requirements?
Spring 2010 New Guidance on Nonattest Services
Winter 2010 AICPA Clarifies Ethics Standards for Tax Practice

Fall 2009 Benefits of QC Monitoring
Summer 2009 FDIC Clarifies Independence Regulations
Spring 2009 CPAs in Business, Industry & Government and Auditor Independence
Winter 2009 Quality Control Requirements for Auditors Performing Engagements Under GAO and PCAOB Standards