Articles on Professional Ethics and Related Topics

Confidentiality in Tax Practice (Bloomberg BNA Insights, Dec 17) by Catherine Allen 

Managing conflicts of interest (Journal of Accountancy, Nov 17) by Deborah K. Rood, CPA

Law Firms, Regulators, Keep Eye on Big Four Move to Legal Services (Bloomberg BNA, Oct 17) by Steve Burkholder

How Data-hosting Services Affect Independence  (Journal of Accountancy, Sept 17 [online] and Jan 18) by Catherine Allen, CPA

How to comply with the new AICPA ethics standards for M&A (Journal of Accountancy, Aug 17) by April Sherman, CPA, CGMA

AICPA Raises the Ethical Bar (The CPA Journal, Mar 17) by Catherine Allen and Lisa Snyder

The Ethical State of the CPA Profession (The CPA Journal, Dec 16) an interview with Chris Gaetano

Maintaining Independence with Nonattest Services (Journal of Accountancy, Nov 16) Maria L. Murphy, CPA

From Analysis to Action - The Evolution of Accounting Ethics Education (The CPA Journal, Aug 16) by Steven Mintz

CPAs and Conflicts of Interest - A Recap of Recent AICPA Guidance (The CPA Journal, Aug 16) by Quinton Booker and Kayla D. Booker

Auditors Still Challenged by Professional Skepticism (The CPA Journal, Jan 15) by Thomas Ray 

Revised AICPA Code of Professional Conduct (The CPA Journal, Dec 14) by Steven M. Mintz

Auditor Independence Is the CFO’s Responsibility, Too  (CFO, November 14) by Jay Bornstein and Steve Blowers

Improving the Code of Professional Conduct (Journal of Accountancy, Jun 11) by Catherine Allen
Benefits of Effective Quality Control Systems in Accounting Firms (The CPA Journal, Jan 11) by Catherine Allen
Comparing the Ethics Codes: AICPA and IFAC (Journal of Accountancy, Oct 10) by Catherine Allen
AICPA Interpretation 101-3 Fundamentals (AccountingWeb, Aug 09) by Catherine Allen
A Global Standard for Professional Ethics (Journal of Accountancy, May 08) by Catherine Allen and Robert Bunting
Navigating the Crossroads of Control and Independence (Dec 07) by Catherine Allen, Charles Landes, and Lisa Snyder
An Update for Audit Committees: New Rules on Auditor Provided Tax Service (Directors Monthly, May 07) by Catherine Allen

PCAOB Rules on Independence and Personal Tax Services: Current Guidance for Public Company Auditors (The CPA Journal, Feb 2007) by Catherine Allen
How Audit Committees Can Assess Auditor Independence (Directors Monthly, Dec 06) by Catherine Allen
Ethics Rules Get Tighter (Journal of Accountancy, Dec 06) by Catherine Allen
New AICPA Independence Rules Address Ethics Issues (Journal of Accountancy, Nov 01) by Catherine Allen

The Engagement Team Approach to Independence  (Journal of Accountancy, Feb 01) by Catherine Allen and Brian Caswell

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